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A Haunted History of Invisible Women

True Stories of America's Ghosts

Hieber, Leanna Renee
Book, 2022

133 .1 HIE

Signs & Skymates

The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility

Trenou, Dossé-Via
Book, 2022

133 .5 TRE

BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural

101 True Tales of Hauntings, Demons, and the Paranormal

Bergara, Ryan
Book, 2022

133 .1 BER

DIY for Witches

Make 22 Objects for Daily Magical Practice

Denis, Marine Nina
Book, 2022

133 .43 DEN

74 Minutes

DVD, 2022

133 .1 SEV

Cheating the Ferryman

The Revolutionary Science of Life After Death

Peake, Anthony
Book, 2022

133 .9013 PEA

A Little Bit of Palmistry

An Introduction to Palm Reading

Eason, Cassandra
Book, 2018

133.6 Eason

Reading the Stars

Astrology for Book Lovers

Book, 2022

133.5 REA

Crystals for Beginners

The Guide to Get Started With the Healing Power of Crystals

Frazier, Karen
Book, 2017

133.2548 FRA

A Haunted Road Atlas

Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations, and True Crime Tales

Schiefer, Christine
Book, 2022

133 .1 SCH

Everyday Plant Magic

Change your Life Through the Magical Energy of Nature

Cohen, Rachael
Unknown, 2022

133 .25 COH

The Power of Gemstones

Precious and Semi-precious Stones, Healing Powers, Mythical Stones, Superstitions, Talismans and Mystical Properties

Walters, Raymond J. L.
Book, 1996

133 WAL

Haunted Houses

Stone, Adam
Book, 2011

133 .1 STO

Happy Witch

Activities, Spells, and Rituals to Calm the Chaos and Find your Joy

Em, Mandi
Unknown, 2022

133 .43 EM

The Witch's Guide to the Paranormal

How to Investigate, Communicate, and Clear Spirits

Cross, J. Allen
Unknown, 2022

133 .8 CRO

Answers From the Ancestral Realms

Get Psychic Help From your Spirit Guides Every Day

Klingler, Sharon Anne
Unknown, 2022

133 .9 KLI

The Book of Séances

A Guide to Divination and Speaking to Spirits

Goodchild, Claire
Unknown, 2022

133 .91 GOO

Tarot for Pregnancy

A Companion for Radical Magical Birthing Folks

Carmona-Holt, Brittany
Unknown, 2022

133 .324 CAR


British Witches Throughout History

Winsham, Willow
Book, 2922

133 .43 WIN

Feng Shui Modern

Tan, Cliff
Book, 2022

133 .33 TAN


What your Birthdate Reveals About your Life & Destiny

Andromeda, Stella
Book, 2021

133 .33 AND

Young Oracle Tarot

An Initiation Into Tarot's Mystic Wisdom

Ferguson, Suki
Book, 2022

133 .324 FER

Daily Magic

Spells and Rituals for Making the Whole Year Magical

Illes, Judika
Book, 2021

133 .44 ILL

Haunted Canada

The Third Terrifying Collection

Sutherland, Joel A.
Book, 2022

133 .1 SUT

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